Craving a Fishing Vacation? Make This Belize Island Your Destination

Belize Fishing Trips

Because just about everything under the sun is being studied these days, it should come as no surprise that fishing has gotten plenty of time under the microscope, writes Scott Mackenthun in his The Free Press article. Mackenthun’s research has led him to conclude that “success on the water as an angler is often tied directly into mental habits and normative psychological behavior.”

Sound complicated? It’s not. The ability to catch fish has lots to do with the way you’re wired, but that doesn’t mean you can’t up your success rate if you develop what the author calls a “personal fishing psychology.” Using Minnesota Department of Natural Resources data as a foundation for his article, adopt these tips next time you pursue your favorite sport and see if you don’t notice a difference.

  • Be specific when you fish. Don’t focus on “whatever is biting.”
  • Look upon your favorite lure as your “confidence bait.”
  • Bring your confidence along, approaching fishing as a “glass half-full” experience.
  • Don’t assume that folks fishing in an area means it’s a hotbed of action.
  • Try new bodies of water and techniques to go outside your comfort zone when possible.
  • Adopt this mindset: “High aspirations with low expectations.” It works, Mackenthun insists!

Belize Fishing Vacations

How to meet your personal fishing goals?

Simple. Get out of your comfort zone on a Belize island where there are so many perks, others will envy you. Manta Island Resort offers an invaluable gift: An all inclusive package designed explicitly for travelers who simply can’t get enough of the sport. What types of fishing do guests enjoy? The best of the best: deep sea, drop, troll, and fly fishing are all on the menu. Can’t make up your mind? There’s a light trolling/drop fishing combo you’ll love, especially if you’re a novice.

Because your tropical digs, meals, amenities, and opportunities to mix and match your passion for fishing with other aquatic pursuits are available, getting bored on Manta Island is impossible—and you’ll love an absence of crowds and the impeccable service that treats every guest like a celebrity. We recommend adopting a “Manta mantra” during your stay: Relying upon the resort’s Front Desk to tackle details associated with your excursions (timetables, locations, picnic lunches, and more). You won’t have to lift a finger—until you need that finger to reel in a keeper!

What’s the best reason of all to escape to Manta Island Resort?

You’ll sojourn in the middle of the action rather than on the mainland where precious fishing time is often wasted while getting to and from the best locations. And if fishing alone isn’t your favorite way to go, consider the viability of letting friends in on your plans which could lead to a conversation about renting the entire island for a group getaway. Think about it. You know you’ll get lots of buy-in from your fishing buddies!

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