Belize Island Dining

The Black Coral
Restaurant and Bar


Surrounded by swaying palms and a white sandy beach, Manta Island Resort dining is a blissful experience surpassed only by the luxury guests enjoy while staying at this island paradise. Bring your swimsuit. Bring your appetite. No bibs required. After all, you’re on holiday!

Belize Island Dining

A fresh take on fine dining

Imagine yourself sitting at a table on a wind-swept private island that plays host to no more than a handful of guests at a time. The food is remarkable. The al fresco eatery’s service is impeccable. Even the bar is stocked with every beverage you desire. And you’re the lucky recipient of all of this beauty and largesse.

Happily, you no longer need to imagine this new, breathtaking eatery because it has been made real with the introduction of Manta Island Resort. Within the confines of this elegant environment, guests are treated to the finest dining in Belize. Fresh-caught seafood is perpetually on the menu and locally-grown produce, most likely harvested just a few days before, is delivered to the island’s chef by boat.

Food, fun and sun

For active guests busily island-hopping, fishing, scuba diving, and exploring the Belize Barrier Reef, returning to the island at day’s end for divine meals morphs a good day into a spectacular one that most definitely requires dessert. On the following morning, return for a leisurely breakfast overlooking the sea as you welcome the day and the new adventures on the horizon.

Highly-trained chefs ensure diners enjoy the best in quality, variety, and taste, taking their inspiration from traditional Maya, Mestizo, and Garifuna fares. Whether guests prefer traditional island-style cooking that features Belizean-inspired dishes such as blackened fish or authentic curry, are craving comfort food like a juicy burger or Caribbean jerk chicken after a day of soaking up the sun or just want to socialize at the tropical bar, rum punch in hand, The Black Coral Restaurant and Bar offers the ambiance that every vacationer seeks.

Belize Island Dining


No Problem

Menus change every day, but always feature a meat, seafood, and vegetarian option, as well as a flavorful appetizer and decadent dessert. Special dietary needs are easily taken care of, and gluten-free and vegan items are available upon request.

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