About Belize facts

About Belize


Belize is a stunning and diverse little country on the Caribbean coast of Central America. Known for its beautiful beaches, ancient Maya Ruins, tropical islands, and friendly people, Belize is one of the hottest adventure destinations in the world to visit.


As a small nation with a little over 390,000 residents, it’s a melting pot of diverse cultures. With its British colonial ties, Carib settlers, Central American neighbors, and more recent immigrants from around the world, you will discover what makes Belize unique: its people. Although most cultures have their own native tongue, English is the official language of Belize, making it easy for tourists to navigate and form a connection with the locals.

Belize is both ethnically and biologically diverse, making it a fascinating place to visit. Not many places can boast lush tropical rainforests filled with waterfalls and rivers as well as white-sandy beaches along the Caribbean Sea that offer world-class diving, fishing, and snorkeling all in one location.

It's Always Summer here

You can experience all that Belize has to offer year-round! With a subtropical climate, there is rarely a bad time of year to visit our country due to the pleasant weather throughout the year. The average annual temperature is approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with water temperatures ranging in the mid-’80s.


About Belize

Before you travel to Belize, here are a few things you will find helpful to know before you go.

In Central America, with its entire coastline bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the east, Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and Honduras to the south.
Travelling to Belize is easier than ever with several nonstop flights from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. It’s only a two-hour flight from major U.S. hubs such as Miami, Houston, Dallas, or Atlanta. All international flights to Belize land at the only International Airport in Belize, Phillip S. W. Goldson International Airport (Code: BZE). You will need to book your international flight to Belize directly through the airline or through an agent of your choice. Thereafter, we will coordinate all transfers from the international airport to Manta Island Resort.
Why wouldn’t you want to come? Everyone speaks English, beaches are gorgeous, and you’ll spend less money on a visit than you would if you headed for one of our more expensive neighbors.
Citizens of the U.S. and Canada must show their passport to enter the country.
Belize’s 2020 population numbers are estimated at 397,628 people. Every one of them is tourist-friendly.
Belize does not have good beaches – Belize has the world’s best beaches! That’s what travelers say about sugar-white sand and gorgeous vistas, whether referring to the Caribbean coast or its offshore islands and cayes.

Belize is a mainland country in Central America that just so happens to be home to an epicenter of islands, atolls, and other little dots of land that beg for exploration. “Mother Nature’s best kept secret”, Belize has one foot embedded in the tropical jungle of Central America tucked between Mexico to the north, Guatemala to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east, it is north of Honduras and is an English speaking country.

Belize is safe as long as you take proper precautions. Stick to areas that are well trafficked and don’t take chances you wouldn’t take on other vacations. Avoid isolated areas, be mindful of your surroundings and don’t flash too much bling.

Sort of. Belize abuts the Caribbean Sea, and you’ll find Caribbean influences everywhere you go, from Caribbean foods and art to the ethnic roots of Belizeans. Often referred to as “Mother Nature’s Best Kept Secret,” Belize has one foot embedded in the tropical jungle of Central America tucked between Mexico (north) & Guatemala (southwest) and another foot immersed in the Caribbean Sea (east), with hundreds of islands ripe for exploration protected by the longest living coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. This makes Belize a unique location that is recognized as a both a Central American country and a Caribbean country. By visiting Belize, home to Manta Island Resort, you get the best of both worlds.

Belize is one of the best places in the world to vacation as a family. Family-friendly resorts like Manta Island Resort in Glover’s Reef Atoll will leave the whole family thrilled with its abundant natural wonders, adventure activities, and modern amenities.

If you are looking for a tropical enclave that is serene, private, and far away from the big crowds of Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, look no further than Manta Island Resort in Glover’s Reef Atoll. Manta Island Resort makes a wonderful retreat for those seeking maximum comfort and exciting reef adventures in a tropical setting.

Yes, you can! At Manta Island Resort, snorkelers can wade from the shores off the resort to the reefs nearby and view an array of coral and colorful fish.
High season runs from December to May because the weather is idyllic, but because Belize has a subtropical climate, you’ll find plenty of fun, sun and excitement year-round.
Rainy season runs from June to mid-November, but plenty of visitors like coming at other times of the year because they know downpours don’t last long, and they love low rates that abound during low season.
Belize offers endless opportunities for the adventure traveler. A must explore attraction is the world-famous Barrier Reef, the second largest on the planet. The reef offers a wide variety of marine adventures. Enjoy swimming in sparkling waters or go snorkeling and be enchanted by the kaleidoscope of colors of the coral reefs. For avid divers, don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive the Glover’s Reef Atoll, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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