8 Epic Belize Experiences Await You in 2024!

Epic Belize Experiences

A few years ago, wordsmiths began ranting about the overuse of the word epic, noting that it originated with the Greek word “epikos,” used to describe stories and poems in which heroes saved the day.

The word morphed into an adjective in the late 16th century and while its current definition describes circumstances that are anything but Herculean, there’s no doubt about why tourists insist that experiences they have while visiting Belize can’t be described in any other way!

Are you up for epic experiences? Would you like to be the hero who dreams up the idea of visiting Belize for adventures that can’t be replicated elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere? Carve out vacation dates. Update your passport. Anticipate epic experiences found only in Belize!

1. Show your concern for Mother Earth by learning more about Belize’s ecological wonders that include the only barrier reef on this side of the world, new species of fish, wildlife, flora, and fauna. You’ll be impressed!

2. Snorkel Glover’s Reef. You don’t have to do it alone if you reserve digs at the exclusive Manta Island Resort. A group tour will be on your itinerary if you opt for the popular 7-night, All Inclusive Snorkel Package.

3. Choose a 7-night all inclusive package because you also get in on a Glover’s Reef Atoll boat tour that introduces you to some of the most pristine sanctuaries located off the coast of Belize. If you’ve chosen a Celebrity Package, you enjoy a private version of the Glover’s Reef and island-hopping adventures.

4. Jump in! The water’s awesome. Veteran and newbies alike know that diving is one of Belize’s most compelling aquatic opportunities, including the one everyone talks about: a deep dive into the world-famous Blue Hole.

5. Go fish. You won’t get bored because opportunities for a deep-sea adventure, spin, troll, or fly-fishing tour give you more choices than you might ever have been offered in the past. If you can’t decide, try the combination tour to satisfy your inner Hemingway.

Top Epic Experiences You Can Only Have in Belize

6. Book a romantic Glover’s Reef Atoll sunset cruise – especially if the love of your life has given you carte blanche to try every aquatic sport available to guests of Manta Island Resort. Leave the details of this blissful tour to your captain.

7. It gets better. Because so few guests are accommodated on the island at any given time, feel free to avail yourself of island amenities like swimming kayaking, paddle boarding, and piloting the resort’s Hobie Cat. Don’t be surprised if you feel as though you’ve got the entire island to yourself!

8. Pick our Sister Resort Stay Add-On that lets you split time between the island and a sister property. Read about this fabulous opportunity here. This pairing not only gives you access to additional adventures, but it will set a standard for future vacations that may be impossible to surpass!


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