Unplug and Recharge: Find Your Zen at Manta Island Resort in 2024

unplug and recharge Belize vacation

Finding ways to unplug and recharge has become a topic that even frenzied entrepreneurs are beginning to take seriously. From new types of exercise and recreation that focus on relaxation over exertion to businesses dedicated to the proposition that North American’s aren’t taking an adequate amount of time to step away from constant pressures, you’re as likely to be given a recommendation to try Yoga as you would a prescription these days.

At the forefront of this effort are apps that operate by using soothing sounds to get the mind to relax long enough to combat stress, anxiety, insomnia, and even burnout. But sometimes an app isn’t powerful enough to mediate the profound number of circumstances that bombard us daily. When you’ve run out of Yoga classes, apps, meditations, and other short-term remedies, only the ultimate “unplug and recharge” solution will do: Get away. If your destination is a Caribbean island, can a total Zen experience be far away?

Manta Island Resort: The quintessential escape

Located on one of four atolls in the Caribbean Sea, Manta Island Resort occupies a small portion of Glover’s Reef Atoll, a lush ring of coral that’s 36 miles off the Belize coast. The recipient of myriad travel awards, Manta Island offers guests the peace and tranquility they need to unplug and recharge within spacious accommodations that range from oceanfront cabanas to reef villas, each designed to offer occupants privacy, quiet, and serenity.

Guests eager to know how it feels to be responsibility-free during their much-needed getaway love the fact that they can save money and stress by opting for all inclusive Belize packages, and add-ons that customize a sojourn, including a la carte activities and tours. If you’re currently badly in need of this kind of escape, a current special invites you to apply your tax refund toward a stay to recover sooner!

Belize wellness retreats

Your well-being could depend upon saying yes to this opportunity

Too much pressure—applied over long periods of time—can do more damage to your mind and body than you realize, say Mayo Clinic physicians who see patients every day who refuse to take vacations and breaks despite needing them. These doctors treat the people who wait too long to obey their need for a restive getaway that can be a powerful weapon against mental breakdowns, heart disease, and strokes.

If you look upon a holiday at Manta Island Resort as your opportunity to live a longer, happier, and more productive life, you know that you need this break more than most. Here’s what you can expect during your hiatus: You’ll laugh and have fun. Dine on fabulous cuisine. Feel the beach beneath your toes and connect with your travel companions without the distractions modern-day living imposes on us. In other words, you will have found today’s equivalent of Nirvana, returning home to ask yourself, “Why in heaven’s name didn’t I do this before now?”

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