Save $80 Per Night on a Relaxing Caribbean Getaway at Manta Island Resort

Tax refund Belize vacation

Raise your hand if you spent much of your time dreaming about a vacation to a tropical destination. Keep your hand up if that vacation dream included staying on a Caribbean island. If you’ve still got that image stuck in your mind, but inflation has taken a bite out of your dream, a beautiful island resort off the coast of Belize has heard the pleas of North Americans and they want to help you make it happen any time between April 1, 2024 and July 31, 2024!

Manta Island Resort, located on one of the few atolls in the Western Hemisphere, is home to a recently announced special deal that you may have to read twice to make sure you’re not seeing things. Fortuitously, it comes just as you are getting ready to receive your income tax refund. Manta Island management is offering an $80 OFF per night special that probably has your name written all over it! Not expecting a tax refund? No problem! Escape tax season stress by booking a private island getaway.

The island of your dreams awaits

Manta Island Resort is located on Glover’s Atoll, named for a couple of ultra-successful pirate brothers who gained notoriety and plenty of bounty when they were hired by the English to raid Spanish ships posing a threat to British interests in the 1750s. This parcel of land is unlike other islands because instead of being a flat piece of land, it’s a coral lagoon that offers sheer drop-offs, so staying at Manta gives guests the opportunity to spend time exploring this natural wonder.

The resort itself is anything but primitive, catering to aquatic enthusiasts, couples, families, and groups. Accommodations offer guests lots of privacy since each cabana is located on the periphery, and each lodging is located footsteps from the ocean. Known for generous All-Inclusive Packages that take care of local transport, digs, meals, and more, you can also book add-ons that customize your sojourn to your liking.

Belize vacation packages tax refund

Show you the money!

To take advantage of the current $80 per night break on your Manta Island Resort stay, you’ll be required to understand the easy restrictions that are associated with this fabulous deal. You must:

  • Book immediately for a stay between April 1, 2024, and July 31, 2024
  • Understand that this small resort fills fast, so an immediate reservation is important
  • Use the promo code TAX2RELAX when you arrange for your getaway
  • Consider all the guidelines that apply to this deal as posted on this web page
  • Reserve directly here.

Must you use your tax refund to take advantage of this fabulous special that could save you up to $560 if you can stay for a week? Of course not. For all we know, you could be pirates looking for a way to spend all the loot you pillaged now and if you feel like wearing an eye patch or ordering lots of rum during your sojourn at Manta Island Resort, we promise to keep your secret!

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