Write Your Love Story: Manta Island Resort’s Ultimate Belize Honeymoon!

Romantic Getaways in Belize

Did you know that honeymoon getaways have changed dramatically over time and that some traditions associated with these getaways are downright shocking? The origination of the honeymoon in fifth-century European cultures required couples to consume a month’s worth of mead (a potent honey-based liquor) supplied by family members who checked to make sure it was all consumed.

In some societies, grooms were required to kidnap brides during an elaborate ritual in which her family tries to find her, while other honeymoons were taken expressly for the purpose of avoiding the payment of a dowry. Almost as distressing was the tradition of couples who were required to split time between both sets of in-laws during their honeymoons!

What a difference 15 centuries make. Anything goes these days, yet only one type of honeymoon has managed to retain a reputation for bliss over time: The private island vacation. It remains the fondest wish of romantics to escape to privacy and intimacy and happily, today’s private island honeymoon is no longer available only to the rich and famous.

The island of your dreams

When searching for the ideal private island honeymoon, explore destinations that don’t require long plane flights or language lessons to communicate. Head for Belize, happy couples. Even those with modest budgets can afford a honeymoon if they choose Manta Island Resort as their destination.

Whether you two are up for doing nothing more than lying on the beach or you crave an itinerary filled with adventures, this Caribbean island is everything you dream of and more. Manta Island’s All Inclusive Package removes all responsibility for making decisions because everything you crave is yours at a single affordable price. Use the resort’s À La Carte Menu to customize your stay if the island’s onsite amenities don’t satisfy your need for excitement.

Belize Honeymoons

The Perfect Touch for Your Perfect Belize Honeymoon

Manta Island honeymoons are a dream come true, and our Honeymoon & Romance Add-On takes that dream to the next level. Think romantic touches that transform your stay into the ultimate love nest.

Planning your wedding soon? Your timing couldn’t be better! This special package is a wonderful way to start your married life together. With only eleven private oceanfront Cabanas and three two-bedroom Reef Villas, our 12-acre resort fills up quickly – make sure to reserve your spot and start this exciting new chapter in paradise.

Once you arrive, leave those outdated honeymoon traditions behind (who needs to drink mead for 30 days, right?). Our talented mixologists at the Manta Island Resort bar will craft the perfect celebratory cocktails to toast your love and your incredible new journey together!

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