Now is the Time to Take the Ultimate Girlfriend Trip to Belize!

girls trip to Belize

If you’ve visited the “Choosing Wisdom” website, you know that it’s a must-read for women seeking to affirm their value and gather practical tips for living a meaningful life. Shepherded by blogger Lori Jackson, this conduit to richer living supports women who understand the value of community, which is why one post was aptly titled, “Why a Girls Weekend Can Make You Feel SO Good.” Whether you already understand that, or you’d like the experience, keep reading to learn how much you and your posse could benefit from this adventure!

What will you gain from a gal pal escape?

  • You’ll experience increases in oxytocin and serotonin released when women spend time together
  • Learn how comfortable it feels to be your authentic selves; no makeup required
  • Every gals’ getaway offers mental and emotional therapy
  • Laughing together triggers endorphins—especially when you all embrace your silly sides
  • In a world where social isolation is epidemic, you’ll feel loved and cared for by friends
  • You’ll be more likely to exercise when you’re not doing it alone
  • Vacations with your posse offer a confidence boost and encouragement that can’t be matched
  • You’ll return home feeling happier with a sense of renewed joy and energy!

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Does it matter where you go for your ultimate girls’ trip?

You bet it does. Unless your besties hang out with heiresses and celebrities, you know that budgets are front and center in the minds of today’s women, especially those who have families. While it may sound counter-intuitive, going abroad can make more sense than sticking around North America where inflation has hyped hospitality prices so dramatically, that even a plane ticket can be an affordable expense.

Where to go for your adventure? Belize—for reasons including short plane rides, no need to learn another language, and the opportunity to stay on a safe, verdant island where everyone can relax: Manta Island Resort. Yes, your posse can afford this getaway, because the property’s Belize All Inclusive Package means every aspect of a stay is included and shared. If your party is made up of at least four, you’ll qualify.

What can you do during your girlfriend’s retreat?

  • Enjoy the Glover’s Reef guided group snorkeling trip included with your package
  • Choose digs that best suit the size of your group
  • Dine on fresh, local cuisine
  • You’re not shouldering responsibilities, so avail yourself of the unlimited local bar beverage menu
  • Borrow complimentary kayaks, snorkel gear, stand-up paddleboards, and a small Hobie cat
  • There’s a spa and yoga deck on site
  • If your group’s collective desire is to lie on the beach, nobody will stop you
  • Understand that just because Manta offers Wi-fi, that doesn’t mean you have to use it
  • Save money. Contact Manta staff to see if your group can avail itself of the resort’s current Belize vacation special. It costs nothing to inquire and it could hype your status, making you your group’s #1 hero!

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