This Private Belize Island Helps Guests Disconnect From the World

Unplugged Vacation Belize

Once upon a time, people worked so hard from sunup to sundown that nobody worried about decompressing and relaxing because all that expended energy was no match for fatigue that overwhelmed mind and body by day’s end. Not so these days, say folks of all ages who admit to being overwhelmed by daily demands that are so pervasive, they interfere with tranquility, sleep, and peace of mind. Specialists in the art of decompression offer methods for unplugging and unwinding, including these seven:

  1. Learn breath control to calm your parasympathetic nervous system.
  2. Make lists, journal, and count your blessings.
  3. Get off your derriere. Even short walks curb stress and anxiety.
  4. Grab naps. They’re not just for toddlers.
  5. Make time for fun and care for yourself.
  6. Cut back on device use (yes, it’s possible!).
  7. Spend time outdoors bathed in nature’s glory.

Easier said than done?

Lists and suggestions are always great, but not all of us can afford to take the time away from daily responsibilities to practice all of those techniques, which is why you need a radical solution that forces you to unwind and unplug: An escape to a place where stress is unheard of: Belize’s Manta Island Resort.

Here’s why you’re assured of de-stressing during your stay on the island:

  • The plane ride to Belize is short and fast.
  • Limited numbers of guests assure you of an abundance of quiet and privacy.
  • You determine your getaway style: Stay active or do nothing at all.
  • All-inclusive packages take care of every need throughout your stay.
  • You can practice the tips listed above to achieve a Zen state of mind.
  • You won’t just enjoy nature’s pleasures; you’ll be immersed in them!

Relaxation in Belize

Being on an island makes all the difference

Even when travelers choose mainland-based Caribbean resorts, it can be impossible to avoid crowds, but sojourn on an island and there’s no chance of that. This lush atoll is a geological wonder and being surrounded by so much beauty can’t help but make vacationers focus on relaxation over devices.

Known for exceptional personalized service, guests find specials make the already-affordable packages even more desirable, and what can be more relaxing than knowing you’ve saved money? Further, Manta Island Resort gives you access to every aquatic adventure you crave from the moment you arrive onsite to begin your restorative getaway.

From delicious cuisine to tour options designed to satisfy every guest, there is an excellent chance that you can even make good on your commitment to unplug and unwind, especially once you learn that according to research firm Zippia, “The average American spends 5 hours and 24 minutes on their mobile device each day.”

That totals once every ten minutes! Browse this Manta Island webpage to see what you could be doing instead of worrying about every text message you receive. Convinced? Of course, you are! The time is right, and nobody deserves a break from stressors more than you do.

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