A Family-Style Manta Island Resort Getaway Delivers Fun and Health Benefits

Family Island Getaway

Can a family vacation improve your health? The answer is yes—even if your clan is best known for being a bit boisterous and energetic when gathering. If you’re not sure how these getaways benefit everyone’s health, take the word of Health Network experts who have documented the results of family getaways:

  • Vacation as a group when the weather is cold, and everyone escapes the winter doldrums.
  • Take hikes to improve heart rates, especially in older family members.
  • Engaging in shared cultural experiences; the Health Network team calls these “exercises for the mind.”
  • Dine, recreate, and explore with family without having to lift a finger.
  • Build muscle via a variety of adventures that range from swimming to exploring.
  • Shared activities strengthen family bonds—especially those that are unique and new.
  • Everyone’s health benefits from sun exposure triggering skin to produce vitamin D.
  • Engaging with nature as a family is one of the most enjoyable shared pleasures.
  • Take on challenges. It’s easy to do when you’ve got lots of support on hand!

Can one destination deliver all of those benefits?

Family Fun Resorts

You bet. In Belize, families find that they can immediately settle in and prepare to accomplish every one of the goals listed above because family members don’t have to endure long plane rides or master a second language. Make the destination you prefer an island and triple those health benefits—especially if you lodge at Manta Island Resort, a family-friendly haven that promises a memory-making getaway that you—and each of your relatives—will never forget.

You’ll have plenty of time for group activities once you make arrangements for an all-inclusive package that bundles accommodations, meals, unlimited local bar beverages, and local transport plus excursions that can be tailored to your group’s size and interests. If your group is large, one of the two-bedroom reef villas makes the ideal home-away-from-home. You’ll agree once you visit this Manta website page to see how roomy this accommodation is.

So much to do, you’ll never get bored

Families choosing Manta Island Resort quickly discover that for a small property, this resort delivers big. A la carte tour options can be tailored to suit all ages—including family members who are perfectly happy to stay put and take advantage of onsite amenities like the swimming pool, kayaks, Hobie Cat, snorkeling, and Glover’s Reef Atoll, one of only four in the Caribbean.

Health benefits. Relationship perks. The chance to stop and do nothing more than share time and activities with the people you love most. There’s even a spa on the island guaranteed to work out every stressor you may have brought with you, so add this to your health benefits when you plan your getaway on an island in the sun that was designed with families in mind!

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