The Perfect Belize Island Base for Your Summer Getaway

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Ever heard the expression “Island time”? It’s no commercial slogan attached to margaritas. Island time is a state of being that envelopes travelers from the moment they arrive on a tropical island. Whether that island takes forever to reach from North America, or it’s closer, the concept of island time has a history.

During WWII, when military forces from throughout the globe battled in the Pacific theater, the term gained “colloquial traction” as GIs from northern climates while trying to get used to the heat and amid the tranquility of ocean waves and blue skies. Must you travel to the South Pacific to experience island time? Not when you’re a short plane ride away from Belize where you can be a guest at Manta Island Resort, located on Glover’s Reef Atoll.

Whether you are looking for the ideal island destination…

All-inclusive Resorts Belize

…for a couple’s getaway, you’d like to show the family what it’s like to vacation on island time, or you’re intrigued by the idea of vacationing on a parcel of land that was once home base for pirates, your stay will be so idyllic, returning home could be as jarring as it was to the GI’s who went back to frigid weather once their military service concluded.

By choosing a stay at Manta Island Resort, you’re going to avoid crowds because the entire atoll measures just 52 miles in circumference, thus it’s conducive to anyone who craves a quiet, peaceful environment. Despite occupying a slice of this rugged atoll, the resort is anything but rugged. This elegant property offers a small collection of charming oceanfront cabins in addition to two-bedroom reef villas and one villa that’s so splendid, it has two bedrooms and a private plunge pool for use by villa occupants.

Name an amenity and it’s yours…

From the Black Coral Restaurant and Bar where a selection of elegant meals and libations rival the fare at the most exotic 5-star eateries on another island—-Manhattan—minus the traffic, noise, and concrete, guests who have had enough hubbub to last a lifetime find Manta Island Resort’s all-inclusive packages filled with perks, and for folks with no desire to lie under a palm tree for the duration, package add-ons inject plenty of excitement to every sojourn.

Must you liquidate your stock portfolio to vacation like a celebrity? Not if you check out current specials designed for folks seeking to find ways to spend their tax refunds, though nobody will be asked to share their return. But, you must book immediately, meet the terms and conditions of this deal, and can schedule a stay no later than July 31, 2024. Sound too good to be true? Don’t be a skeptic! Read the details of this special here: and remember this: There’s no extra charge for getting on island time. It happens to everyone fortunate enough to book a stay at this island paradise!

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