Recharge Your Batteries at This Belize Island Resort Now

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Once upon a time, recharging batteries referred only to the energy sources we depend on to keep our cars and electronic items functioning. These days, bodies and spirits need recharging, too. Nutrition experts say that recharging the body’s batteries by eating healthy foods is so important, it’s been recognized by scientists who study the topic. It’s called adaptive resilience. Neglect well-being routines that keep you fueled and your battery is going to run out of juice!

Battery recharges aren’t only delivered by the way we feed ourselves. Putting distance between ourselves and the stressors and influences that drain our bodies of energy and compromise our sanity, balance, and equilibrium is one of the best decisions you can make to recover from personal energy drains. The benefits you derive from scheduling these escapes include:

  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Enhanced creative thinking
  • Increased ability to cope with stress
  • Lower levels of burnout
  • Greater immunity from sickness
  • Improved ability to make decisions
  • Stronger relationships.

Some destinations are better recharge stations than others

Take the advice of stressed-out travelers who know how it feels to run on empty before they arrive at Manta Island Resort, the private island off the Belize coastline that specializes in human battery recharging.

Because everything about a sojourn at this haven is covered by all-inclusive packages and enticing add-ons, choosing Manta over less-desirable properties removes the planning, work, and responsibility from your shoulders for the duration of your visit.

Island staff has been trained to respond to folks whose batteries need reviving by encouraging guests to do only what their bodies and minds crave. Some stay active to work off stressors. Others obey the need for rest and relaxation. If you’re like most Manta Island guests you’ll find it’s easy to tailor your visit to fit your intuitive needs.

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Invite Mother Nature’s nurturing embrace

One needn’t look far to find studies verifying the restorative miracles that take effect when we are surrounded by natural beauty. Vacation on this lush atoll and enlist Mother Nature’s help to recharge your batteries in the following ways:

  • Embrace the water just footsteps from your digs for a deep cleansing of your spirit
  • Bask in the breezes that flow over your body during your sojourn
  • Celebrate the sun, giver of life, vitality, and essential vitamin D
  • Feel the magnetic field in the earth and trees that surround you during your stay
  • Walk the atoll barefoot to feel your energy restored
  • Avail yourself of tours to get outside yourself and soak in the wonders around you.

Affordability issues?

Not to worry. Current specials give you a break on the cost of your recharge adventure if you take advantage of either one immediately. Life is short and opportunities to re-energize don’t come along every day. This experience offers benefits that remain long after you leave, so consider this your invitation to supercharge your life right now and just when you need it most!

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