Belize in July

Beaches of Manta - Visit Belize in July

We’re happy to share this post from our sister property, Coco Plum Island Resort:

For folks who can only vacation in summer, the idea of going to the Caribbean in July may not have hit your radar screen. Too bad. You’ll miss all the fun!

Central America is regularly touted as the place to go when blizzards rage in North America, but savvy travelers know that a Belize vacation in July is not just sensible but so affordable, they enjoy twice the number of perks. Reason enough to write “Belize vaca” on the July page of your 2020 calendar.

Belize’s short, jungle-nourishing showers pop up between mid-May and mid-November, but with daytime temperatures back home sizzling, the occasional shower when Belize daytime temperatures peak at 86-degrees F is preferable, right? Aside from great weather, we offer you 5 five reasons to make July in Belize your goal in 2021. There are more, but you can add them after you return from your adventure!

1. Lobster. If you’re a fan of the delicacy, knowing that mid-June kicks off the annual Belize harvesting season is reason enough to do a happy dance. Visit in July and you’ll find lobster dishes on menus that include breakfast. In fact it’s likely that you will see at least one person running around in a full-blown lobster suit. It happens. As an homage to this catch, lobster festivals are everywhere you turn.

2. Belize animals don’t take vacations and since Belize is called the wildlife capital of the Caribbean, take time to visit as many sanctuaries, wildlife reserves and parks as time allows. Even if birds aren’t your thing, you could develop an interest once you learn that Belize is a roosting or fly-over point for over 600 species. Dedicated bird watchers fill their logs with unexpected and sometimes rare sightings. In fact, located just 1/2 mile from Coco Plum Caye, Man-O-War Caye is a designated bird sanctuary. It is home to a variety of indigenous bird species, including Pelicans, Brown Booby birds, and Magnificent Frigate birds that soar in great numbers above Coco Plum Island.

3. Belize is home to the second longest barrier reef on Earth and it’s a favorite of famous divers and amateurs alike. This snorkeling paradise offers underwater scenery guaranteed to surpass your imagination. Colors are vivid. Sea life is remarkable. From neon fish and oversized turtles to a possible encounter with a gentle manatee, Belize’s commitment to protect endangered wildlife from extinction will impress you.

July is a great time to visit Belize 

4. Jungles and rainforests and waterfalls, oh my! Mother Nature pulled out all stops when allocating her best resources to the area that is now Belize. Forests are filled with medicinal plants and lead to waterfalls inviting visitors to jump into pools at the base of that cascading water. You’ll see many more of these natural wonders than you would in neighboring nations since Belize is only the size of Vermont.

5. Money, honey. July is situated in the midst of “low season,” but there’s nothing low about the time you’ll have when crowds are sparse and there are deals to be had that super-charge your resort experience. You can forget queues at popular sites in July—like ancient Maya ruins, cave tubing, zip lining and unique cultural experiences.

Where to stay? On a private island of course! Split your stay with Manta and Coco Plum Island, both are the quintessential tropical experience; tiny bumps of land filled with swaying palm trees, sugar-white beaches and private digs designed for the seclusion you crave.

Get away from the world to restore your spirit while saving money in July when rates and Belize all inclusive packages are at their lowest. These resorts are the perfect antidote to stress; a mix of off-the-grid luxury, exclusivity and restorative heaven. Idyllic? You bet. Especially in July!

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