Surprise Your Valentine With a Private Island Stay off Belize’s Coast

Valentine's island getaway

When readers discovered the section of Fodor’s online presence that allowed them to express opinions about whether couples like hanging out with other couples during romantic getaways, responses from travelers of all ages flowed in like a waterfall. For some, meeting new people is the primary reason they adore travel, while other couples would be blissfully happy if they never encountered other souls on a romantic vacation.

When Valentine’s Day approaches on February 14, 2024, how do you feel about spending some of your travel time with other couples? For some couples, it doesn’t matter how many years they’ve been together, privacy, intimacy, and one-on-one time are desires that surpass all the flowers and chocolates for which this lovers’ holiday is known. If this describes you, how would you like to share a romantic getaway with the love of your life on a secluded island off the Belize coast where you don’t have to converse with anyone but each other?

The small island where big wishes come true

Manta Island Resort never disappoints, offering couples a private getaway that is so beautiful, that repeat visitors compare the property to a movie set. There are only 11 cabanas perched on sandy stretches of beach and three reef villas. The most extravagant of these villas is so roomy, this 2-bedroom villa—with its elegantly appointed interiors and private plunge pool—is designed for lovers who seek maximum private time.

While this exclusive villa can accommodate up to four people, it’s an ideal space for lovers to create a private world of peace and tranquility. Have meals delivered to your digs if you have no desire to spend time at the resort’s restaurant or avail yourselves of the villa’s fully equipped kitchen. Would you prefer to let staff take care of anything that requires you two to expend energy doing anything else but snuggling? Just say the word.

Belize Luxury Villas

No need to spend a fortune to celebrate your love affair

No matter which tropical accommodation you choose, you enjoy the same benefits and perks as you would if that particular villa with plunge pool is already booked, and by saying yes to the Belize All Inclusive Package, everything is included. Adding an adventure or two is as easy as browsing resort package upgrade add-ons, of which the Honeymoon and Romance option is especially popular.

If you love everything you’ve read here but can’t make a Valentine’s Day visit fit into your busy schedules, how about giving your sweetheart an IOU for a tropical getaway during the year that must be booked soon, but allows you to take your romantic escape any time before December 18, 2024? You could qualify for an $80 per night discount if your timing is right. Whether you head for Manta now or later in 2024, remember that love has no time limit when it’s the real thing!

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