Manta Island Resort Announces Own TikTok Channel

Manta Island TikTok

As one of only four atolls in the Caribbean Sea, Manta Island Resort has been an innovator when it comes to introducing new ways to promote the resort’s presence, thus the introduction of a TikTok Channel, designed to put this unique resort on the social media map, came as exciting news for staff, management, and travelers seeking the ultimate escape.

The collaborative effort of four sister resorts—Belizean Dreams, Laru Beya Resort, Coco Plum Island Resort, and Manta Island Resort—offers TikTok browsers a direct conduit to all four resorts via this link. By launching this new social media resource, Manta Island staff anticipates maximizing its presence within the tourism industry by reaching TikTok users.

Eager to launch this new enterprise with a highly visible promotion, Manta Island staffers and management held a high-profile event that would reward one lucky person with a gift bag filled with branded merchandise including a Manta Aussie hat, Manta Dry fit, and Manta Small Jute Tote Bag. Saaja A. was the delighted recipient of this largesse.

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“Manta Island Resort attracts such a diverse mix of travelers, adding a TikTok presence is going to resonate with our audience of new and return guests because this demographic mix gives them the ability to tag people in their circle, sharing their experiences, photos, and vacation news with the world,” said the Marketing Manager at Manta Island Resort. “We consider this new affiliation with TikTok to be an invaluable communicative avenue. We’re thrilled to announce that our TikTok video showcasing Belize’s Top All Inclusive Family Resorts in Belize has garnered nearly 10,000 views in just the first week of its release!”

Best known for its topography and exotic history as a former raiding base for pirates, Manta Island Resort is known today for private cabanas and family reef villas, Belizean-infused dining, and a la carte tour offerings, and a TikTok presence offers opportunities to not only promote the resort but inform the world of Belize’s commitment to maintaining the atoll as a protected sanctuary for marine wildlife and coral.

“We are in a unique position to inform the world about vital conservation efforts being undertaken in the Caribbean while also extolling the pleasures of a sojourn at this one-of-a-kind resort,” added the Marketing Manager. “One of our guests said that Manta Island Resort is the ideal merging of barefoot luxury and responsibility, and the world deserves to know it!

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About Manta Island Resort

Located on a circle of coral formed millions of years ago by undersea volcanic activity and home to diverse marine life, Manta Island Resort is a relatively new 12-acre enclave offering a limited number of cabanas and reef villas and catering to tourists seeking the ultimate island experience. In addition to spotless and spacious accommodations, Manta offers a unique pairing of barefoot luxury and impeccable service. For more information about the new consolidated TikTok Channel or the resort, use this toll-free number: 1-800-408-8224, or visit the Manta Island Resort website contact page.


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