The Black Friday Deal of a Lifetime: Belize, Beaches and Bucket Lists

Belize Black Friday Vacation Deals

It’s rather unusual for a discussion about bucket lists to include the subject of deals and bargains, but these are not usual times. If your bucket list includes or is dominated by a wish to vacation on a tropical island that’s near enough to home to get there fast – but you don’t want to liquidate your bank account to make this wish come true – Manta Island Resort’s Black Friday specials are going to delight you.

Whether you’re an adventure seeker or your lone desire is lying on a pristine beach listening to waves roll in, Manta Island Resort is known for its off-grid luxury, private oceanfront accommodations, and the property’s generous all-inclusive packages that include round-trip local airport and boat transfers on your arrival and departure days, gourmet meals, unlimited local bar beverages, and select tours.

All of this and price breaks too?

Manta Island Resort’s Black Friday deal offers you up to US$500 off your Belize bucket list vacation. Deduct the full amount by booking the 7-day package or see your 4-day stay rate reduced by US$250. Both represent a rare rate discount for a sojourn on a lush island located just behind the world’s second-longest barrier reef where optimal diving, fishing, snorkeling experiences have no equal.

Manta Island Resort itself is a wonder to behold. Situated on one of Belize’s most beautiful slices of land – Glover’s Atoll – guests not only enjoy fabulous meals, aquatic adventures, beaches, and resort amenities, but guests can borrow kayaks, paddleboards, pilot a Hobie cat, or swim laps in the swimming pool in addition to the Caribbean Sea where beaches are unrivaled. Sound idyllic?

Belize Black Friday Travel Deals
Does this rare deal come with a catch?

Like all specials, Manta Island’s Black Friday deal comes with the usual caveats since the resort is small and bookings have already begun to pick up since word about these discounts has gotten out. For example, you must book directly with island staff to qualify for a discount, stay for at least 4 days and your reservation for a double occupancy cabana must be a new one.

Learn more details and you’ll be impressed. Mention the special code associated with this Black Friday special when you book: BLACKFRIDAY. It’s your ticket for a holiday that can be taken any time between November 22, 2021, and December 18, 2022, but blackout dates posted on the resort’s webpage will help you with your planning so you’re assured of valid travel dates.

While you must book now, you’ll have nearly a year to fulfill your bucket list dream, but once the island’s limited number of private cabanas are spoken for, this Black Friday special will disappear. Now that you’ve learned exactly what Black Friday, beaches, bucket lists, and Belize have in common, you’ll want to be one of the guests whose timing is perfect by acting right now to book your holiday.


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