Off-the-Grid Luxury? This Belize Island Resort Won’t Disappoint!

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When contributors took on the topic of “off-grid” vacationing, some readers of the blog post were somewhat shocked to find that their take on off-grid travel didn’t always mean roughing it in a tent in an effort to achieve the goals of unplugging and escaping to society’s pressures. Instead, about 50% of the folks queried agreed that one needn’t deprive oneself of comforts to experience a true off-grid experience.

“There is a common perception that [an off-grid experience] means giving up luxuries (56%),” according to this blog’s responses where only 48% considering traveling ‘off-grid’ said they would only do it “if it can be at a more indulgent stay.” In fact, about 53% of travelers interviewed said that phones and internet connections are non-negotiable musts. Are these people spoiled? Not necessarily. They just insist on certain conveniences that have become essential parts of their lifestyles.

Are you seeking off-the-grid luxury when taking your next vacation?

The Best Place to Rejuvenate in Belize

Having come to the realization that this concept is hardly incompatible, prepare for the ultimate off-grid experience from the moment you book a stay at Belize’s Manta Island Resort where effortless sojourns are the specialty of the house. Located on Glover’s Reef, one of the few atolls in the Western Hemisphere, the resort occupies only around 12 acres, so you enjoy all the natural beauty that only a parcel of land that rose from beneath the Caribbean Sea around a million years ago can offer.

Proprietors of this exclusive resort offer couples and families access to the All Inclusive Package that is packed with perks. Included are varied accommodation choices that range from snug private cabanas to roomy two-bedroom reef villas. Guests are also treated to mouth watering meals and libations, guided snorkeling trips, and access to water toys like kayaks, snorkel gear, stand-up paddleboards, and a Hobie cat. As you can see, this all inclusive experience makes off-grid vacationing quite posh.

Can an island stay add to your sense of well-being?

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It’s already been proven that time spent on a beach is therapeutic, so can you imagine the benefits you receive when you find yourself surrounded by a seashore where visitors look forward to a mood boost as anxiety slips away? According to psychologist Richard Shuster, whose research proves that just “Staring at the ocean actually changes our brain waves’ frequency and puts us into a mild meditative state,” if you add off-grid luxury to the equation, you could find out how it feels to vacation in nirvana.

Why not become your own therapist, weary traveler? Prescribe a getaway for yourself and unlock a current special: An $80 per night discount that can be applied if you book immediately for a holiday any time before December 18, 2024. If you intend to bring the family, there’s a deal for you, too. Either way, this toll-free number is your invitation to the off-grid luxury you have been craving, so what are you waiting for: 1-800-408-8224?

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