Manta Island Resort: Where Fall Vacation Never Ends

Fall in Belize

Ever wonder how autumn, the third season of the year, wound up with two names? After all, winter, summer, and spring have just one, yet autumn is known also as fall and that isn’t proper English, say linguists at Grammarist who consider the word fall to be an “American barbarism”!

Further, this season was originally called Harvest, derived from the Old Norse word “haust.” Over time fall became the word used most frequently because it is associated with the falling leaves that reflect the season.

Whether you use the word fall or autumn, travel throughout this season is idyllic. Summer crowds have dissipated. Attractions aren’t crowded so forget long lines. And if you’ve set your heart on a Caribbean island where prices are falling in anticipation of falling leaves, there’s a hammock on a Belize island beach awaiting your arrival.

Manta Island Resort beckons

Manta Island Resort delivers an experience so unique, you may never settle for a mainland vacation again. Situated on Glover’s Reef Atoll off Belize’s southern coast, this chunk of coral took millions of years to become an island followed by Maya settlers occupying the atoll before two pirate brothers – the Glovers – were hired to warn colonizing Brits of arriving Spanish raiding vessels.

Today, a fabulous resort occupies the space once claimed by these historic characters. Manta Island Resort is designed for the ultimate in luxury and every guest becomes a recipient of this bounty. Only 9 oceanfront cabanas with spacious verandas and two bedroom villas were built on Manta Island so every guest enjoys precious privacy and abundant amenities within each lodging and throughout the atoll.

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Fall into savings, too

Manta Island Resort offers Belize all inclusive packages, so guests enjoy carefree time on the island without having to repeatedly open their wallets, but they are just the beginning of savings guests can claim while deciding which package is their first choice.

And while every package saves money, it’s the fall specials that are attracting vacationers at this moment: Get either a $250 (4-night stays) or $500 (7-night stays) price reduction if you reserve before all 9 cabanas on the island are spoken for on the dates you want to stay. You’re wise to act on this deal quickly.

No need to rush if you book now

Travel to the island any time between now and December 18, 2021, to get your fill of beach time, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and kayaking the Belize Barrier Reef area – when you’re not enjoying gourmet meals and personal service the likes of which you have probably never experienced.

While leaves are still on trees, one glance at your calendar reminds you that September is here, there’s an all inclusive package awaiting you in Belize that only requires you to mention the code BIGDEAL to stake your claim on a tranquil island retreat. Reserve now and whether you prefer to use the word fall or autumn, once you stick your toes in the sand you’ll forget the names of seasons and substitute the word awesome.

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