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If your fondest high school memories include elections that determined student council members, homecoming kings and queens, or organization leaders, you probably recall how much fun it was to make posters and drum up votes for friends. Win or lose, helping determine outcomes helped you develop an appreciation for elections.

These days, the contentious nature of partisan elections may lessen your enthusiasm, but we’ve got a solution: Get in on the 2022 Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards to show the world that Manta Island Resort is paradise. By sharing your input, you not only boost the island’s reputation, but you show the world that your taste for destinations that appeal to discriminating vacationers is impeccable.

4-Step Voting is easy

  1. Click here
  2. Log in or “Register” for an account
  3. Click on the “Hotels and Resorts” category
  4. Find the “Hotel or Resort” icon and search for Manta Island Resort. Done and done.

Why Manta Island Resort?

You already know that island vacations can improve your mental and physical health since you disconnect from the buzz pervading your daily life and find peace, tranquility, and solace far removed from the din. Manta Island offers an especially wondrous experience because it’s situated on one of Belize’s most beautiful atolls, so settling into a state of bliss just comes naturally.

Home to a small number of lodgings, each offering privacy, and off-grid luxury, palm trees outnumber guests, recreational options are abundant and all inclusive Belize vacation packages simplify your stay. Even the food is remarkable!

Manta Island deserves your vote

Discriminating readers who count on Conde Nast Traveler magazine to cover all aspects of travel on the planet look forward to the publication’s annual Readers’ Choice Awards because they get to weigh in on exceptional places they would recommend to friends, family, and people seeking the most memorable vacation experiences.

Your vote for Manta Island goes a long way to spreading the word, so consider yourself an influencer every time you cast your vote using this process: Visit Log in or “Register” for an account. Click on the “Hotels and Resorts” category and locate Manta Island Resort. It’s that easy.

If incentives drive your vote, there’s a reward offered by the magazine simply for voting: An all-expenses-paid Viking Cruise from Stockholm to Bergen for two. If you’re the lucky name drawn once all votes are in, you morph into the quintessential world traveler once Sweden is stamped on your passport.

Recharge at Manta Island, Belize

Don’t miss the voting deadline

To be considered for this awesome Scandinavian prize, votes must be posted by June 30, 2022. We highlighted that word because you can vote for Manta Island as many times as your fingers touch the keyboard, so nothing is stopping you from becoming the winner of this Viking cruise.

While you’re in the voting mood, reconnect with those high school friends on Facebook and suggest they join you in getting back into the swing of an election that pays dividends. If they vote for Manta Island at your suggestion, you won’t have to sit at your keyboard endlessly dreaming about the Scandinavian coastline, and do remember to update chums’ addresses. If you win, you’ll want to send them postcards from Sweden.

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