Treat Yourself to the Best Warm Winter Getaway in Belize

Best Warm Winter Getaway in Belize

See if you can relate to Maria’s recent social media posts: “I can’t take much more! Winter seems to be lingering longer than usual – though maybe what’s driving my blues is a mix of Covid, snow, and ice. I’m so bummed!”

She’s not alone. According to Bustle writer Marison Bernstein, between October and April, as [daylight] diminishes, life can be depressing because we produce more melatonin which leads to feeling perpetually sleepy.

Further, feelings of sadness and loneliness are common, and this can even lower self-esteem. “Nearly 30% of people would prefer to be in the cold and nearly 60% of people would agree that they like the heat better,” Bernstein writes.

Scientists say the sun does more than cheer us up; it helps us remember more things! Can you recall a warm winter vacation in the past that is unforgettable? Perhaps it’s time you repeated that experience now in Belize, where frozen northerners are escaping for more than just the sun!

Spend February or March on a tropical island

If sun and fun make you feel hopeful, can you imagine what a small private island off the coast of Belize can do for your spirits? Manta Island Resort is an epicenter of tropical delight where guests escape the snow, sleet, and sub-zero temperatures to find refuge under the winter sun.

It takes only a few hours to reach Belize from southern U.S. ports – just enough time to thaw out and replace that parka with a t-shirt and flip flops. Manta Island Resort staff is so sure you’ll grab this invitation to fly south, we’ve announced rare specials that put a quick end to your claim, “But I can’t afford a private island vacation!”

Current travel specials reassure you that vacations in Belize during the months of February or March are eminently doable. Say yes to getting out of the ice and snow and bask in every moment of off-grid luxury. Guests availing themselves of these discounts enjoy the same benefits as travelers who passed on this unique opportunity when making reservations.

Warm Winter Getaway in Belize

What’s so special about this special?

For starters, you can save between $250 and $500 if you meet the criteria explained on the Manta Island Resort website. Book immediately for travel any time until December 18, 2022 (in case a February or March getaway isn’t possible) and you will be given the keys to lovely beachfront accommodations and treated to delicious meals and island amenities. Snorkel, dive, fish, and kayak to your heart’s content. You’ll think you landed in paradise.

Check out your weather report right now. If that doesn’t inspire you to think seriously about visiting Manta Island Resort during the months of February and March, allow us to inform you of today’s temperature readings in Belize: thermometers read about 82°F by day and 72°F by night. We feel the need to add this incentive: That 82°F could actually climb to 85°F, so bring plenty of sunscreen and several swimsuits when you pack!

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