Manta Island Resort: The Picture Perfect Place For Your Family Getaway

Family-friendly Belize island resort

It can be overwhelming to select a family vacation spot—especially if your clan members are of different ages and everyone in the mix has strong opinions about where to go. From road trips to national monuments to theme parks and large cities filled with attractions, it matters not which destination is suggested, it’s going to cost a bundle if you’ve got a large family, given the rise in the cost of domestic getaways.

We bet that your family members would be extremely enthusiastic about getting out of the country to a destination that is family-friendly, exotic, and so much fun, every member of your party will find something fabulous to do. Here’s the most enticing factor: If you choose Belize as the place your family decides to congregate, you can even afford to treat everyone to a private island getaway this winter or spring. Of course, it must be the right private island, and Manta Island Resort is more than right. It’s fabulous.

The island that families love

Many families are disappointed to find what seems to be the ideal island for family fun—until they realize that this fantasyland is an adults-only destination. Happily, the Manta Island Resort is designed for every age and stage of life, so the kiddos don’t have to be left home with grandma because they’re not welcome!

Instead, invite Grandma to come along and give her a break too. For a small private island, Manta is a step above the ordinary; an atoll rather than an ordinary island that is named after a couple of adventurous pirates who used this ancient circle of coral as a stepping stone to plundering the Central American coast.

You and your family won’t have to plunder a thing since guests at Manta Island Resort are on the receiving end of riches that include an epic All Inclusive Package that was designed to spoil every member of your family and treat guests to an impressive list of tours and add-ons that could silence even the most argumentative family member.

Family-friendly Belize island

Savings you can take to the bank

Families are expensive, and Manta Island Resort management gets that because every team member caring for guests at the resort has a family, too. But if you time your late winter or spring stay at Manta Island Resort adroitly, you and your family could “unlock a treasure chest” of savings that even the atoll’s most infamous pirates would covet: An $80-per-night discount!

As you can imagine, this small island has limited capacity and with spring break on the horizon and a vast number of occasions on 2024 family calendars, Manta Island is likely to fill quickly–especially once they hear about this special, so you’ll want to act quickly because you must reserve your family’s stay by February 11, 2024. Once you book, you can start organizing this escape by putting everyone else in charge of making sure this fabulous vacation is perfect!

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