Rent a Belize Island in 2024 – It’s the Ultimate Travel Trend

Rent a Belize Island

“Trending” is hardly a new term. It stretches back to the 1950s when the word began to appear in dictionaries. Given our growing interest in trends, you’ll want to know that they usually begin as fads. As more people get on the bandwagon, fads morph into trends. If you’re an avid vacationer who relies on them to make travel decisions, you may already know that island rentals for group vacations are trending big time.

How renting an island moved from dream to trend

Around 10 years ago, an NBC News story reported on the emergence of the growth of trending when an article asked the question “Why buy a private island when you can rent one?” Reportage detailed a dramatic drop in the number of celebrities who, up until then, were buying up private islands.

The market downturn may have spelled doom for wealthy entrepreneurs, but an island rental market was introduced, and it’s changed so dramatically, what was once an opportunity for only the wealthy to host island parties became the dominion of younger people who just want to get away without the burden of ownership.

That means just about anyone with a desire to sequester and have fun with a group of like-minded people for a fun, effortless vacation can afford the rent, and few Caribbean islands have gained as much prominence as Belize’s Manta Island Resort where renting the entire island is so much easier than you imagine.

You have the power to be your crowd’s trendsetter!

Suggesting a group getaway at this private island resort may elicit weird responses from friends when you first broach the subject, but once you share the benefits of an island rental, you’re going to get buy in for these reasons:

  • You have the entire island to yourselves. What you do there is up to you.
  • Your group’s all inclusive package rate covers the entirety of your sojourn.
  • Discreet staffers will be at your beck and call. Their services are included in the price.
  • You can invite up to 17 of your best buds to be part of this tropical adventure.
  • The average per-person cost (based on 18 guests) is just $1.875 for a 4-night stay.*

Rent island in Belize

Everything your group needs is included

When you approach your travel group with this idea, share all of the information cited on this page and you won’t have a problem convincing pals of the wisdom of this escape. You may not even have to ply them all with wine when you suggest it.

There’s plenty of opportunities to fine tune your package by working with your Manta host when you book. While a few Belize tours are included, make the adjustments you need to match activities and adventures with everyone else’s interests by browsing details within the add-on menu located at the bottom of the rental page.

That said, it’s important to remember that advance planning is the key to making this happen since you’re not the only group intrigued with this idea. Here’s the Manta contact page. Use it as soon as you get group buy-in. Trendsetter? That describes you once you pull this off!

*Prices subject to change, check with our Reservation Team for the most up-to-date prices.

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