Safety, Seclusion, and Sun: Why Families Choose This Belize Island for Vacations

Belize Island Family Vacation

While the complexity of vacationing has been put to daunting tests around airline delays, personnel shortages, and safety concerns reflected in sensational headlines — family travel remains a bright spot and for numerous reasons.

Memories are etched on the brains of children that stick with them for a lifetime. New cultures and experiences broaden little minds and instill confidence and tolerance in kids, and family bonds are tightened, too.

In fact, every member of the family benefits from these escapes, and clinical studies prove that adults return from family vacations happier, more relaxed, and more productive. Surprised? Don’t be.

Why family trips contribute to cohesion

Your home life is awash in responsibilities while vacations are fun for everyone. With no clothes to wash, dishes to dry, chauffeuring, and the daily rules that help households run on set routines, parents can devote 100% of their attention to their children and themselves. Add a small private island to the equation and the safety factor can’t be dismissed.

Looking for a Caribbean island offering maximum pleasure and variety that requires the least amount of travel time? Manta Island Resort, off Belize’s coast, is a mecca for families for these reasons and more:

  • When parents unplug, they are more attuned to their kids’ experiences and viewpoints.
  • The family that explores together doubles down on shared enjoyment.
  • Kids absorb everything, so family vacations present learning opportunities for all.
  • Parents can model good behaviors by turning off devices.
  • Opportunities to expose children to other cultures promote emotional growth.

Belize family travel destinations

An island experience is great for kids

Away from the traffic, bustle, and urban sprawl, every family member is forced to slow down and explore. Manta Island Resort is located on Glover’s Reef Atoll, a wonder of nature formed millions of years ago thanks to dramatic underwater volcanic eruptions. Since only three atolls are found off the Belize coast, this ring of coral with its languid lagoon is likely to calm even the most hyperactive child, thanks in part to the sun and soothing ocean waves.

Everyone at Manta Island Resort gets a kick out of little visitors, and the property’s all inclusive package, à la carte menu of tours, and onsite water sport options (swimming pool, paddle boards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, and Hobie Cat) eliminate the burden of having a daily game plan. Consider the ages of your offspring, your interests, and everyone’s energy levels to customize your stay.

No worries about the kids’ college funds…

…if you can wangle a discount currently offered by Manta Island management. This unusual deal applies to families who can travel before January 5, 2024, so the time coincides with holiday vacations. Space on the island is finite, thus booking immediately is critical to accommodating your clan on dates you prefer. Read the restrictions and fine print after picking your travel window and rev up your enthusiasm once you book. Next step? Sunglasses all around (and they don’t have to match!).

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