Deep Dives at This Belize Island Resort Are Simply Sublime

Diving at Manta Island

If you’re an amateur lexicologist, you may know that there are 108 synonyms for the word “dive” currently used by people around the globe, according to You probably use a few of them: “The economy took a deep dive in July”; “That after-hours club was a dive”; and “Spirits nose-dived as the holidays approached.”

But for avid aquatic sports fans, the only interpretation of the word is “the practice of descending below the water’s surface to interact with the environment.” Once below the water, amazing sights appear: Marine wildlife, colorful corals, plants that thrive at surprisingly deep levels, and for divers who choose the waters of the Caribbean as their personal diving Valhalla, there is no more profound experience.

Deciding where in Caribbean waters offers the best diving experience is a no brainer. Head for Belize where English-speaking guides, affordable resorts, myriad equipment rental resources, and a wealth of onshore entertainments produce a tropical escape that has no equal—especially when all of this can be found at the same location!

Your island in the sun

While the major reason for your Belize visit is to dive non-stop, you’ll need a place to stay that offers endless enticements, which is why Manta Island Resort delivers the ideal immersive holiday. Located on Glover’s Atoll, a circle of coral 36 miles off the mainland, even the boat ride to the resort’s pier is known to dissipate every tension!

Manta Island Resort is home to a fabulous all inclusive package designed by staffers who know that you’ve come to dive, not worry about where to eat, sleep, or entertain yourself when you take a break from scheduled dives. Described by frequent Manta Island visitors as the intersection of nature and barefoot luxury, this resort’s add-ons offer intensive experiences that never disappoint.

Dive Glover's Reef, Belize

Diving tours will exceed your expectations

Manta Island diving tours are so diverse, you’ll want to read every detail of these options for yourself so you can decide exactly which one meets your criteria and aspirations, and if you seek PADI certification, you needn’t go elsewhere.

Worried that this many perks come at a price that’s beyond your budget? Introduce yourselves to Manta Island Resort’s environs by taking advantage of a current special that comes with restrictions. This escape must be booked by October 1, 2023, to qualify for a discount of up to $500 for a 7-day stay or a $300 break on a 4-night stay if there’s availability on the dates you pick.

Don’t hesitate. The sojourn window closes on January 5, 2024, reserve either by using Manta’s toll-free number 1-800-408-8224, or Email your request for a booking to During your stay, you’ll be invited to invoke the word “dive” as often as you like—and for reasons you’ll understand the moment you suit up, jump in and feel the joy bubble up in your soul.

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