Manta Island Resort: Where Barefoot Luxury, Innovation, and Relaxation Converge

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If travel always heads your list of things to do—no matter the time of year or season—you’ll be interested in the recent Forbes magazine article that took a different approach to presenting 2024 travel trends. Contributor Brittany Anas describes four trends that “are out in 2024.” If you’re curious about what she predicts as you plan your own getaway, see if you’ve already heard about these:

  • An end to skiplagging. The practice of incorporating extra destinations into airline bookings was a hot cost-saving strategy—until airlines caught on and began banning offenders.
  • Cash tips for housekeeping services are being replaced by mobile or QR codes. Digital tipping is growing to meet what Anas calls “the cashless society trend.”
  • Forget “jam-packed vacation itineraries” in 2024. The tourism industry has proclaimed 2024 the year of R&R as an era of “slow travel” evolves.
  • Finally, “over-touristed” places are no longer considered the ideal destinations due to congestion and tariffs being imposed on visitors by new laws in myriad nations.

You won’t dream of skiplagging…

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…if your destination is Belize’s Manta Island Resort where the staff is so friendly, your tips are likely to be on the lavish side. You could “jam pack” your itinerary, but island getaways provoke a mindset that’s more about beach time than frenzied touring. You’ll find Manta Island to be the antithesis of frenetic since the island measures just 12 square miles.

Do you worry that a resort this small is likely to be primitive and spartan? Not so. Guests find the exact opposite. Not only has the resort added two more stylish cabanas to expand the number of accommodations to eleven oceanfront cabanas and three reef villas, but you’ll spot a new overwater helipad on premises so folks can reach the island faster and in style.

More innovations await your arrival

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Manta Island staff members listen to guest suggestions and ideas. Based on the wishes of frequent guests who said that they would love to see an expanded indoor dining area at the island’s Black Coral Restaurant, that’s been accomplished. There is also a new, intimate dining space above the bar, yet guests can expect the same culinary treatment from island chefs, no matter where they sit. Further, a breezy, expanded outdoor covered deck has been added that is ideal for those who love to socialize.

If all this sounds too good to be true, you’re going to be impressed when you read that there is a deal currently available that requires an immediate reservation, but visitors who say yes to the conditions associated with this special can claim an $80 per night discount on a 2024 sojourn. Will you grab this deal before it vanishes? Call the resort’s toll-free number 1-800-408-8224 before Manta is fully booked at a time you most want to visit. You’ll be rewarded for acting so quickly!

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