Embracing Belize’s Winter Warmth: The Perks of Traveling South When it’s Chilly

Belize Winter Travel

Barbara McAlister, a self-admitted “nerd word fan,” examined the history of the word “perk.” Once the domain of coffee aficionados who wouldn’t consider a cup of coffee that hadn’t been percolated, it’s now used in place of the word benefit, extending its reach to privileges, bonuses, and incentives to impel us to act. When a perk benefits our health and wellbeing, even a well-percolated cup of coffee won’t substitute!

If you’re already dreading the fast approach of winter, it’s time to seriously consider the ultimate perk: a sunny vacation—especially if the destination of your winter getaway is Belize. Sure, you’ll escape winter’s wrath, but the perks you’ll enjoy from a sojourn in Belize are endless, and we’d like to introduce you to 10 of the most beneficial reasons to treat yourself to a 2023/2024 winter escape to Belize.

  1. You could be basking in the sun, absorbing vitamin D in just hours since plane rides are so short.
  2. You won’t have to learn Spanish or French to communicate because everyone speaks English.
  3. Temperatures range from the high 70s to the low 80s.
  4. Even the occasional shower doesn’t dampen spirits for those already engaging in every watersport known to man.
  5. Belize beaches are a treasure—but so are the nation’s rainforests, waterfalls, parks, jungles, and rivers. (Book a Sister Stay Add-On to experience these wonders at our inland sister properties: Belizean Dreams Resort and Laru Beya Resort.)
  6. Do absolutely nothing but veg, interrupting your reverie long enough to take a dip in a pool or sip a tropical beverage.
  7. Belize appeals to travelers of all ages. From fascinating Maya ruins to animal parks, cave repelling, ziplining, and cultural opportunities, visitors run out of time before they run out of things to do.
  8. There are plenty of deals to be had, and the $1BZD=$2USD won’t require you to pack a calculator.
  9. Belizeans adore visitors and and love nothing more than helping them have fun.
  10. Belize’s food scene is magical. Culled from myriad ethnic cuisines brought to Belize from international locations is reason enough to spend some of your winter in Belize.

Belize winter holidays

Where to find the best perks of all?

On a private Belize island! Manta Island Resort is more than a destination; it’s the quintessential Caribbean experience where staff cares for every guest as though he or she is the island’s only guest. Manta perks include Belize all inclusive packages, tours, excursions, onsite amenities, oceanfront restaurant, digs and deals that help you get to Belize this winter without emptying your bank account.

Word of these specials has already begun to spread, thus bookings on this small slice of paradise are ticking up, so once you read the conditions associated with these deals, pick the one that meets your definition of the ultimate perk and start shopping for airfares that match the booking you can make right now by calling Manta’s toll-free number, 1-800-408-8224. Your opportunity to defrost is just a phone call away!

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