Manta Island Resort: The Wellness Escape That Could Add Years to Your Life

Belize Wellness and rejuvenation travel

It’s a marriage made in heaven: Wellness and hospitality, and only the most enlightened resorts have made the connection. If a wellness escape has moved from your wish list to your “gotta do it!” list, you needn’t go far to find everything you seek. Belize is a short hop from North America, and Manta Island Resort is the place savvy travelers prefer for so many reasons, it could be impossible to ignore this sanctuary’s invitation to be pampered and spoiled.

Manta Island: The capital of wellness

Why is it important to find a haven removed from your home turf? Because disconnecting from the stressors that triggered your need for a break requires the right environment. After the short flight to Belize, avail yourself of the Manta Island Belize All-Inclusive Package for a sublime, decision-free experience. Spend time in the hands of wellness professionals, all of whom speak English, and you’ll benefit big time from this holiday in the following ways:

  • Wellness getaways boost happiness, according to a peer-reviewed study of 1500 women who take regular wellness vacations. They report that their levels of depression and chronic stress lessened dramatically.
  • Getaways that rely upon nature for the ideal environment are especially therapeutic, impacting hippocampal-striatal brain circuit activity. That’s a dopamine rush that has no equal!
  • A single escape can produce lasting stress relief because everything about your physiology is impacted: heart, mental health, blood pressure and so much more. Even short wellness getaways help build resilience.
  • As a bonus, your memory and creativity get a huge boost that can lower a vacationer’s risk of developing dementia, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Wellness retreats in Belize

You’ll sojourn on an scenic atoll in the Caribbean

When vacationing at a spot that’s surrounded by water, health benefits kick in from the moment you arrive. This World Heritage Site atoll offers bountiful benefits, and every accommodation is designed for peace and tranquility. Yummy meals courtesy of island chefs elevate your wellness experience, and if you have dietary restrictions, say the word and your meals will be customized.

The Manta Island amenities menu is extensive, guests who strive for the ultimate wellness activities can select from myriad aquatic sporting activities featured in the a la carte menu. Scroll down that page to the resort’s variety of spa services where you won’t have to settle for the ordinary Swedish massage and facial offered by competitors!

There’s more to love about your wellness escape

Browse Manta’s current specials and you could save money while improving your health. These discounted deals are curated for travelers whose travel windows are any time between now and December 18, 2023. While it’s important to read the fine print associated with these deals, you could get the restorative hiatus you desperately need at a price that keeps your finances healthy, too. This is no ordinary escape and you’re no ordinary guest. Get your wellness fix on an island that delivers on its promise to improve your sense of well-being, no matter how long or short your Manta experience happens to be!

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