Belize Beckons: Why It’s Fall’s Most Captivating Escape

Belize Fall Escape

Are you charmed and surprised by words? What about the word captivate? Linguists say that its origins are negative because the word captivate comes from the Latin root word meaning “caught, taken prisoner,” while another resource says the Old English word used in the 1550s describes being seized by force!

You may wonder how a word with so many negative connotations has evolved into the definition we use today, but a recent edition of the Oxford Dictionary urges wordsmiths to use the word when trying to describe situations that “attract and hold interest and attention.” It’s a fascinating bit of wordplay that “captivates” many of us when we try to describe a person who’s unique or a place that is far from ordinary.

What captivates you?

Entrepreneur magazine offers a stunning list of captivating qualities that are in line with the use of the word in today’s communications. According to their research, captivating places are most likely filled with intriguing histories, fascinating people, and experiences that feed insatiable curiosity. Sound like a place you’d like to go to? This mecca is nearer than you think. Prepare to be captivated by Belize and its people!

10 Reasons Belize is so captivating

  1. Everyone speaks English
  2. You can get there in just a few hours
  3. The landscape is lush and tropical
  4. You’ll never meet friendlier people
  5. Unlike neighboring nations, Belize is safe to visit
  6. International cuisine is superb
  7. There are 900+ Maya sites
  8. Belize is the aquatic sporting hub of Central America
  9. The cultural diversity of this society is enticing
  10. North Americans are so captivated; that they’re moving to Belize in droves!

Belize Fall travel

What will captivate you most of all?

A large portion of the contentment and security you seek can be found at the resort you choose to spend your time in-country, and for the ultimate experience, staying on an exotic atoll like Manta Island Resort is sublime. This ring of coral has been around for millennia, so a stay at the resort gives you exposure to natural wonders while sojourning in the lap of barefoot luxury.

Fall visits are especially compelling because summer visitors have returned to work and school and winter visitors have yet to arrive. This means guests enjoy all of the perks celebrities are used to receiving while on holiday thanks to the resort’s all inclusive package that delivers benefits usually ascribed to pricier Caribbean properties.

Diversify your stay by including any of the add-on options, and for the most compelling experience of all, take advantage of the resort’s current special to see if you qualify for a discount on a getaway any time there’s availability between now and January 5, 2024. Captivated by the idea of saving money? You should be—and for more reasons than you imagined when you first considered this complicated word’s original meaning and fascinating evolution.

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