Grab Your Share of Summer Sunshine at Manta Island Resort

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Is there a difference between getting your fill of sunshine on an island rather than a beach on a mainland? Scientists say there is, and for reasons that may surprise you. First, did you know that air quality is different on an island? The amount of pollution to which your skin and lungs are exposed from mainland pollutants can block rays and perhaps even filter the air so profoundly, it takes less time to get tan than it might on the mainland. On an island, temperatures tend to be more comfortable and island breezes often require more sunscreen applications, all reasons to adjust your usual tanning routine accordingly!

Yes, you’ll need sunscreen…

…and staying hydrated when tanning on an island is more important than ever, but who wouldn’t want to stay cool, hydrated, and cared for when refreshing beverages are brought to you on a tray by island staff dedicated to your pleasure? You can expect first-class treatment if the island on which you choose to get your tan is Manta Island Resort, off Belize’s coast.

Why do guests receive so much attention? Because the ratio of guests to staff is optimal, so personalized service is more than just a marketing promise! Further, Manta Island accommodations are so artfully decorated and appointed, you won’t mind ducking inside from time to time—especially if it’s to enjoy culinary magic at the resort’s gourmet eatery.

Happily, those accommodations, fine dining, transport to the atoll, and myriad other perks are all included in the property’s all-inclusive packages and add-ons. Sound like your kind of sunshine getaway? Keep reading because more awaits your arrival.

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When you’re not building that tan, have fun!

From the moment you arrive, you’ll discover how celebs live as you select from the island’s tour menu that offers you numerous Caribbean getaway choices that suit your proclivities, interests, and activity levels. Could it rain during your stay? How do you think the island’s palm trees stay so green? Showers are short and they make you feel like a kid again—especially if you stay wet all the time because you’re fully engaged with the Sea.

Further, Manta is unique among resorts. Not only is it located on Glover’s Reef, one of the few atolls located off the Belize mainland, but Manta Island was designed to showcase both the atoll’s rugged natural beauty and offer guests the kind of luxury that makes a stay feel like a paradise. Further, you’ll enjoy a combination of privacy, comfort, and onsite amenities sure to exceed your expectations.

Manta Island was just named Tripadvisor’s #2 top small hotel in Central America and the #13 small hotel in the World for 2023! Impressed? You should be. We’ve no idea how many small hotels exist throughout the globe but being named #13 by so highly respected a travel authority that’s based on guest reviews is no small achievement. Come for the sunshine. Stay for the amenities. You’re going to treasure every minute of your stay!

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